South Farm Part 3

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And we returned to South Farm for the 3rd Combined Test weekend. And it was a busy weekend for us. Friday after work I headed straight to the barn and Bonnie and I loaded Pele up in the trailer and took off for South Farm. Unfortunately by the time Dr. Maro finished up with Tru and Fanny it was a little after 7 by the time we actually left. Which means we didn't get to South Farm until like 9:30. Searched around for our stall, finally found it and unloaded Pele. Well the stall didn't have an actual door on it, only a stall guard. Which would have been fine if it wasn't set at TB/dumbblood height. So as soon as I turned my back to get him water, he just put his head down and slipped underneath it. We improvised and used a piece of fencing to lock him in. It was after 10 when we finally got him all settled and were able to head home. Which put us home after midnight. I didn't get home till 1 and had to be back at the barn to leave by 6:30. All that means Jennifer didn't get much sleep. But that's ok since I wasn't riding Saturday.

We did manage to make it out of the barn on time and we got to South Farm about 9:00. I fed Pele and then went to pick up packets for the kids. Then we started to get Fanny ready for the two Intro dressage tests that Astrid was going to ride in.  The two of them had a couple of nice tests, Astrid just rushes things a bit, like her halt.  But it was much better in the second test.

After she was finished Fanny got a nice bath and she was able to hang out in trailer and keep Kaye company.  We had some time to just hang out and watch some of the other horses go until it was time for Henry to ride.  I have to say I am so proud of Henry this weekend.  He did so well at his first show, he was nice and relaxed, rode a great test with Fanny.  And such a ham!  I love his very dramatic salute to the judge.

Fanny then got to go hang out in Pele's stall while we got him ready for Bonnie to ride.  Bonnie and Astrid both headed down to the dressage ring together as they were both riding in the Very Green and Baby Beginner Novice divisions.  Astrid had two nice tests again.  She really is improving every time.  And Pele, well he was a little snot for his walk/trot test.  But he was like a different horse for the canter test.  He and Bonnie had a very nice test especially considering that was only his second show ever. 

Henry's stadium was next.  He had a very relaxed round, just trotted around.  Fanny pretty much just stepped over everything, she decided it wasn't worth it to jump.  But Henry just went with the horse and had fun.  A big difference between all the other kids who were yanking and jerking on their horses.  And it paid off when Henry won his division!  I was so proud of him.  And he was so excited to get that blue ribbon.

Bonnie and Astrid then had their stadium for the 2 foot divisions.  Pele was super excited to finally get in the ring and jump, he had been watching the other horses jump all day.  He was a good boy for Bonnie, unfortunately they did have a rail at the first fence in the second round, but otherwise he was very good.  Astrid of course had two clean rounds with Kaye.  And Kaye of course was looking for the fences to go up.  Astrid ended up winning both the divisions.  And Bonnie was second.  She would have won the Baby Beginner Novice if it hadn't been for that rail.  Oh well, still really good for his first show.

Katie and Kaye then went in for Beginner Novice.  Unfortunately I had taken Pele back to untack and put away so I ended missing both her dressage and stadium.
Sunday morning it was back to South Farm.  Tricia and Pele were going in both the Intro and Very Green divisions.  Rachel was riding Kaye in Beginner Novice and I was taking her in Novice again. 

Tricia was up first and of course it had to rain when she was riding dressage.  Unfortunately someone decided to turn out a horse just as she was riding down the centerline.  And Pele saw it take off around the pasture.  And he had to spin around to look at it.  But Tricia recovered nicely and had a pretty decent test considering.  Her second test was really good, apparently Pele just needs the first one to screw around.  Once again when it was time to jump, Pele was all ready.  He jumped everything really well for Tricia, no dirty stops and not too much over-jumping either. 

Rachel was next for dressage, and other than almost going into the ring with her running martingale on, she had a great test.  What a difference when you learn the correct test!  We then asked if I could ride my dressage early, rather than having to ride after Rachel had jumped.  Luckily there were some scratches so we were able to sneak in.  Kaye was awesome for me.  Right were I wanted her, not too much above the bit.  Every time I just feel my dressage has improved. 

Kaye then got her boots on and it was time for Rachel to jump.  They went double clear, Rachel didn't waste anytime trotting this time.  Although the way Kaye was going I don't know that she could have trotted.  Kaye was definitely strong for her.  Probably going to have to bump her up to a slow twist if Rachel moves up anymore.  Once Rachel was finished I was able to hop up and warm up for my stadium.  Pretty much the same course as last week only this time we had a 1 stride combination rather than a 2 stride.  Eh, no big deal, still easier than what we school at home.  Even though I didn't really feel like it at the time, I realized now that I was a little nervous about going Novice last week.  Not this time.  Stadium was so much fun.  And Kaye was a Rockstar!  She was bold and forward, but at the same time I still had control.  She was listening to me and I was able to take all the shortcuts in there.  Which no one else was doing.  It's hard to say who had more fun.

Finally after we finished Kaye was able to go back to the trailer and get a well deserved bath.  As I was walking her around to dry, Bonnie came out to give me the good news.  We won the dressage!  Kaye won dressage!  Incredible, and since we jumped clean we won the division.  That felt so good.  To win not just because someone else had rails, but because we actually had the best test.  And Kaye is so not a dressage horse.  Our dressage score still wasn't all that great, but I'll take it.