July/August Goals Review

Monday, September 12, 2011

July/August Goals

  • Ride Twinkie
    •  Success!  I've gotten a couple of rides on Twinks lately and she is progressing so well.  Our last ride was fantastic, she was bending and moving off my legs.
  • Work on improving my own ability to ride Bugsy in Dressage
    • Success!  33.8 in dressage at EHSC HT says I'm improving.
  • Work on my own fitness
    • Not so much a success.  In fact, I didn't really do much on this on.  Fail.
  • Continue to work with Naughtie
    • Another fail.  Actually I don't think I've even been on Naughtie in the last two months.
  • Become more comfortable riding lots of horses
    • Success!  I've been riding Bugsy, Twinkie, Airy and actually I feel like I would be fine getting on any horse in the barn.  Even Cuddles. And I think Bonnie wants me to start riding Mystic a bit.  Of course not sure when I'll have time for that...

 September/October Goals

  • Continue to work with Twinkie
  • Begin schooling First Level dressage with Bugsy
  • Work on my own fitness
  • Start the "babies" under saddle


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