Meet the X-Tra Pony Team

Show Name: X-Tra
Barn Name: X, Dirtball, Doofus, Bup
Jockey Club Name: Shana Ferdle
Breeding: Shanekite x Pyramid Blues (Faliraki)
Breed:  Thoroughbred
Color:  Dark Bay
Markings:  Irregular star, thin stripe, left hind: white ankle, higher on inside, dark spots on coronet
Height:  15.3 hh
DOB:  May 3, 1995
Disciplines:  Eventing, Dressage, Hunt Seat Pleasure, Jumpers, Trail Riding
Bit:  5" rubber eggbutt snaffle

Show Name:  Special K
Barn Name: Kaye
Breeding:  Private Thoughts x Show Opener (One for All)
Breed: Thoroughbred
Color: Bay
Markings:  Star, right fore: white ankle, higher in back, left hind: white on outside of coronet
Height:  16.1 hh
DOB:  February 14, 1990
Disciplines:  Eventing, Dressage, Jumpers
Bit:  5" in eggbutt snaffle, 5" slow twist eggbutt for cross country

Show Name:  Valley Miss
Barn Name:  Miss, Baby Girl
Breeding:  Honey Jay x Royal Olive Oil (Regal and Royal)
Breed: Thoroughbred
Color: Dark Bay
Markings:  blaze, left fore: white ankle, left hind: white coronet, inside
Height: 16.2
DOB:  March 7, 1988
Disciplines:  Eventing, Dressage, Jumpers

Show Name:  Bugsy
Barn Name:  Bugs, Buggers
Jockey Club Name:  Easy Money, Jr
Breeding:  Hail Bold King x Miss Gladys Purdy (Astray)
Breed:  Thoroughbred
Color:  Bay
Markings:  Stripe, right hind: white coronet
Height:  16.0
DOB:  May 1, 1989
Disciplines:  Eventing, Dressage, Jumpers

Show Name:  A Kind of Magic
Barn Name:  Naughtie
Jockey Club Name:  Nothinbutagoodtime
Breeding:  Nine's Wild x Don't Laugh (Signed Contract)
Breed:  Thoroughbred
Color:  Bay
Height:  16.2
DOB:  April 23, 2000