This and That

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I know, I know, I've like disappeared of the face of the earth. Well not really, just been extremely busy. Rolex was a blast. It was incredible to get to see so many great riders. Not only Phillip Dutton and Becky Holder, but also Bettina Hoy, Lucinda Fredericks and Nicolas Touzaint. Tons of photos up on my photobucket page, so go check those out.

All winter I was planning to take Miss out and event her this summer. However she hasn't been doing to well lately. We weren't really sure what was wrong with her, she wasn't having the respiratory problems she had last summer. I think we finally have an answer though. The blacksmith was out this past week and Bonnie had him trim Miss. He thinks her back is out and she needs adjusted by a chiropractor. So we're going to give that a shot. Hopefully that will help her out. I'm really just not ready to let go of her yet.

So I thought that this was going to scrap my eventing plans for the summer. Unfortunately X just isn't quite ready for me to event him yet. Bonnie needs to take him out a bit first to some schooling shows. But I've been riding Kaye some again. And then I had an idea. Kaye and I discussed it. And she thought it was good. So we just had to get Bonnie to agree, which she did. Anyways what all this means is Kaye and I are going beginner novice at Lost Hounds June 20! WOOT! I'm so excited. Kaye has just been a superstar for me lately. Bonnie had us jumping some courses she set at 2'10". And then last week she set up a line of 8 jumps going down the center of the arena. And we had to jump every other one, landing on alternating leads to jump the next fence. I finally figured out how to land on the lead I want and not just hope I get it.

In other news X went out in the pasture with his girlfriends for the first time last weekend. He's still not all that happy about the great outdoors. If a bug is within like 5 feet of him he wigs. But he's getting used to it. And having "his mares" out there helps. Miss and Kaye the hussies that they are make him feel very loved by sticking their butts in his face. Yes I know we have a couple of whores for mares. X well he doesn't really enjoy being outside, he doesn't cause any trouble. He stays away from the fence, doesn't try to escape or run anyone else through the fence.

Anyways feeding the arabs this weekend while Tom's at the Eastern Classic in Little Valley, NY. So I'll be getting up early to feed there before heading out to Bonnie's. I'll probably lunge on X and then lesson with Kaye. As of this week she's mine exclusively until Lost Hounds. Well mine and Bonnie's. She really does need a dressage tune up before the show.