Holiday Weekend

Monday, July 6, 2009

I love holiday weekends! Ron was kind enough to let us out at 3:00 on Thursday and then we had Friday off since the 4th fell on a Saturday. Well, Thursday evening I had an appointment with my eye doctor, so I ended up missing out on Wooley Bully's. Kinda upset about that, it's been a few weeks since I've been there now. But I got the eye appointment out of the way and I could concentrate on more important things.

Friday morning I had to run a few errands, like get to the bank, since it's usually closed when I'm home. Got out to the barn about 10. Astrid, Ari and Vicky were there already and then Rachel and Kelsey got there shortly after. Rachel and I tacked up Airy and Kaye, and then Kelsey rode Bugs and Astrid rode Naughtie. We started doing some dressage. Rode the beginner novice test A. Kaye was being a pain with her head. She kept shaking it and flipping it up in the air. So after a pretty dismal test A I went and got the draw reins. Put those on and then did test B. Man was Kaye pissed! She did not like it that I was making her keep her head down. After we ran through that, I changed tack and we jumped a little. Only a small crossbar though. Bonnie was trying to keep the fences small so that Bugsy wouldn't bolt after them. So of course Kaye wasn't all that pleased with the baby fences. After we rode, Ari got on Kaye and Vicky on Naughtie for lunge lessons. Then Titus went home in the afternoon.

Saturday Katie and I rode together, jumping with no hands. Katie and Tru actually did pretty well they only had one or two stops I think, pretty good for them. Kaye of course had fun. We did a small bonfire in the afternoon for the fourth, but I couldn't stay long as mom was planning a picnic for the family and I had promised to help her. Everyone came over for the cookout at 5:00. Including my grandmother, joy. That aside it was nice to have everyone together. And nice to give my aunt a break from hosting the family gatherings. After everyone left and we had cleaned up, Mom and I had a nice time relaxing with coffee out in the gazebo, watching the fireworks.

Sunday I was back at the barn. Had another jumping lesson with Kaye. More jumping with no hands and then a little bit of no stirrups. Bonnie wanted me to do no stirrups and no hands, but I wasn't quite brave enough for that.