Thursday, October 8, 2009

Well, the last two weeks have been fun. The weekend of the 26th I had the weekend planned out. X was getting his new shoes and so I could really start to put him back to work. Saturday I was going to have a jumping lesson on Kaye to get ready for the jumper derby on the 4th. And then Sunday I was taking X on a trail ride with Tom. Well nothing went according to plan. I woke up early Saturday morning with this really sharp pain in my lower right side. And of course me not wanting to admit that something might be wrong, I figure if I ignore it, it will go away. I go the barn as usual. Hurts to clean stalls, hurts to sit down, hurts to really do anything, not that I let that stop me. I cleaned X's stall, took me forever to do. Then Bonnie had me get on Kaye to ride with Taryn. God did that hurt! But I pushed through it and rode. I was even jumping fences, although it hurt like crazy to do so. Eventually though I had to stop, I actually almost fell off because of the pain. Finally I called Aunt Sandy. She and Uncle Ralph drove out to the barn to pick me up and while Uncle Ralph drove my car home, she took me to the Urgent Care place in Beaver. Mom and Dad met us there. I was examined by a PA there and she sent us to the ER for a CT scan to rule out appendicitis. We go to the ER, wait around forever for someone to finally see me. The guy was basically like I don't think you're in enough pain for it to be anything serious. you probably have a ruptured ovarian cyst. He kept saying he didn't think that I needed a CT. Mainly becuase it was a lot of radiation and if I was worse the next day they would have to do another one. Which ok, thank you for not wanting to subject me to that much radiation when it might not be necessary at that time. But then he was like asking me if I wanted one. Aunt Sandy finally got pissed and told him off. He's asking someone with no medically knowledge to basically order her own tests. Helllo! You're the doctor you tell me what tests should be done. Don't leave it up to me to decide. So he just ended up sending me home with an Rx for Percocet and instructions to come back if it got worse.

So we go home. I do start to feel better after taking the pain meds, but then as soon as they start to wear off it hurts again. I talk to Aunt Sandy late Sunday morning and she says to go back to the ER. And she calls Dr Burke, the surgeon before we get there. So Dr. Burke sees me right away and he orders the CT. I have to drink this really gross stuff before they can do the CT and of course it starts to make me sick. So I get some stuff for the nausea and they give me some good drugs for the pain. I get the CT, wait around for a bit longer and Dr. Burke comes back to tell us that my appendix looks ok, but there is some inflamation in the secum. But he doens't know what it's from. He recomends that I be admitted overnight for further testing and observation. Yay, just what I want to do. So get admitted Sunday night. Monday they do an ultrasound, still not exactly sure what the problem is. So they schedule me for a colonoscopy Tuesday. Had that done Tuesday afternoon, and it turns out that a have an acute secul ulcer. I pretty much go straight to surgery.

So long story short I was in the hospital for 8 days. I'm off work for at leat another two weeks, which really sucks. I'm using up all my time off. And if I can't go back after my appointment on the 15th, I'll be off unpaid until STD kicks in after 31 days. Even then I'll only get paid at 60% so I really can't afford to be off that long. And then even worse, no riding for at least 4-6 weeks. Probably longer! This sucks! And now I'm hoursebound at my parents. I can't drive, so I can't go anywhere. It's driving me crazy, I'm so bored! So don't expect too much here in the next few weeks. I'm not really doing much of anything but watching TV and reading. And I won't bore you with those details.