It's Rolex Week!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Woohoo! It's finally here! Wednesday night we'll be leaving for the annual pilgrimage to Kentucky. But first one more weekend at home to recap.

Stopped out at the barn Friday night after work to spend some time with my Bupi. Worked on grooming him for about an hour. Really trying to put some elbow grease into getting his winter coat shed out. And then after I finished with him, it was time for Bugs to come out for a good grooming and mane pulling session. Of course he just loved the mane pulling. I still can't believe that horse and his little issues. Bonnie pulls his mane and he has a fit, he has to be drugged to pull it. However I can pull all I want and he really could care less. Bonnie taught me to pull manes, I do it exactly the same way she does, so why does he tolerate it from me but not her? Who knows, one of life's great mysteries I suppose.

Saturday morning we took it pretty easy with Kaye, so I didn't ride. The blacksmith had been out Friday and she was done. He actually took quite a bit of hoof off of her but she doesn't really grow much in the heel. So he changed her angles quite a bit. So she got bute Friday night and again Saturday morning. The kids were all out. Rachel rode Naughtie on the lunge line and then had a jumping lesson on Airy. Astrid had a short lesson on Kaye and Tricia rode her evil little pony. Pele was being something of a snot, but Tricia stuck with him and they had a pretty good ride. I planned to take a lunge lesson on my horse, in fact I even had him all tacked up. But it was getting late by the time the kids all left and Bonnie and I needed to get to Costco's before they closed at 6. So untack the pony and head home for a quick change of clothes. We made it to Costco and Walmart for supplies for the trip this week. Plus a trip to Best Buy so Bonnie and I both could get an extra battery for our respective cameras.

Sunday, I had a short lesson on Kaye. Still trying to break in the new boots, which is a slow process. I think I need to take them home and just stand on the steps in them. I'm having such a hard time getting my heels down because the boots are so stiff. But the jumping was pretty decent.


Kelly April 28, 2010 at 3:06 PM  

sooo... how did you enjoy Rolex? :)