Heart Walk and the Joys of a Second Job

Monday, October 4, 2010

So I officially started the second job last week.  Tuesday I went in for a 6-11 shift and for the whole night I got to sit in the personnel office and work on CBLs (computer based learning)  I pretty much wanted to scratch my eyes out by the time I left.  Way too long to be working on those at once.  Luckily Thursday night I got to head out to the front end.  I worked with Barb for the night, who was super nice and really taught me a lot.  She even let me start ringing a bit towards the end. Friday evening I was with Barb again, a little busier that night so i wasn't too sure about hoping on the register just yet.  But I did get to learn how to take a WIC check, although I'm sure I'll need help before I can do one on my own.

Saturday morning it was over to Beaver for the Heart Walk.  Aunt Sandy asked me to walk on the hospital team.  Plus, I'm always happy to help out the American heart Association and all the doctors without whom both my Daddy and my niece Kailee might not be here today.  It's a good cause to raise money for and a really nice walk through Beaver.  Got to spend the morning with Aunt Sandy and Uncle Ralph.  Mom and Dad were there as well, but speed walking and I didn't have the energy to keep up.  As an added bonus, the walking campaign at Pitt had started that week, so I was able to rack up lots of steps for our team.

So after we finished up in Beaver, I jumped in the car and headed out to the barn to ride.  I was able to hop on Kaye for a short jumping lesson.  Bonnie had set up the diagonal triple like we had done last year.  Only this time it was set up as two strides, so it was actually a little easier than before.  And Bonnie set them up as oxers, which actually I prefer oxers over verticals anyway.  I think they are a little easier to jump.  So we started out just jumping the fences as singles and then Bonnie had me run through the triple.  Kaye was having fun that's for sure.  And I was too.  Actually my first fence wasn't too bad either which is a first for me.  So yay all around!  Ethan got on Kaye for a bit after I finished.  And then we untacked her and spoiled her rotten with peppermints.  And then I stripped out her stall, can't have my baby girl going in a dirty stall after all that hard work.  The nice thing now, is that Kaye is exclusively mine (and Bonnie's) until after the clinic.

After I finished at the barn, it was a quick trip home to get cleaned up and then back to Wal-Mart for the evening.  That night I was on register, but with another cashier supervising me.  Which really was no big deal. I mean yeah I needed a day or two just to get used to the register, but really, I've had 10 years of retail experience.  It's not that much different.  Then Sunday morning when I went in, I was officially on my own.