Midweek Riding Interlude

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wednesday I had the day off for yet another appointment with Dr. Connelly (more on that later)  So of course I took advantage of the time off to head out to the barn in the morning.  I got there early and helped Bonnie finish feeding, then we headed out to breakfast before getting sawdust.  The sawmill was very slow that morning so we ended up waiting quite a while to get loaded up.  After making it back to the barn, we brought Bugs in and then turned Cuddles out.  While Bonnie unloaded the sawdust, I tacked up Kaye for a lesson.

Our warm-up was great.  Both Kaye and I were relaxed and she was easily coming back into the bridle for me (WIN!)  It was lovely and soft and not at all tense.  Now if I can just continue with that.  then it was time to shorten the stirrups and jump!  Started out over just a single crossbar and it was, well not great.  As usual we didn't have enough impulsion going into the fence and so it was pretty bad.  Ok, Jen, let's get this together and do it right.  While things did get better it still wasn't great.  I wasn't really getting myself out of the saddle enough and I have a tendency to ride with my reins too long and then my hands end up in my lap, and well it's just all bad.  Things improved a bit, enough at least that Bonnie gave us a second fence as a one stride in and out.  Still though was not getting myself in a good position.  Time to fix that, so the reins were tied in a knot and we jumped with no hands.  Amazing, suddenly my position was 100x better!  Still though I felt like I wasn't quite getting up out of the saddle enough.  So I gave in and hiked my stirrups up another hole.  This is 4 holes shorter than my dressage length!  I think Bonnie would like me to go even shorter but I just can't with my knee,  even this short was putting a lot more pressure on it.  But I was jumping better with the shorter stirrups.  So I guess that means I'm going to have to suck it up and shorten them.  I think I'm going to start warming up in my jumping length from now on though.  Usually I start out with the longer, dressage length stirrups.  Maybe it will help if I just start with them short.  Meh, we'll see.  By the time we finished riding I realized it was going on 2:00 and I needed to book it home and get ready for my doctor's appointment. 

After getting the quickest shower known to man, I did actually make it to my doctor's appointment on time.  Pretty much the same old same old.  Mom went with me, and she helped me to explain to him that things are not getting better.  And that I'm not going to keep spending money to come in and for him to tell me that he still doesn't know what's wrong.  He did give me a new medication to try.  And he gave me enough samples to last a month.  So the plan is to try it for a few weeks and then give him a call and we'll discuss how it's working.  And go from there.  If it seems to be working he'll get me a prescription and I'll get that filled.  If not, well then I guess we'll try something else.  We'll see at that time. 

Back out to the barn in the morning.  And it's going to be a busy day.  I'd like to ride Naughtie again.  And Fanny.  And I have to ride Miss.  I can't take it if she gives me the stink eye again!  Hopefully Astrid will be there and I can get her to take some pictures.  I'd really like to have some of me riding, especially Miss.  But I kinda want some Fanny pictures too.  LOL should be funny at any rate. 

Getting close to announcing my Rolex news.  Stay tuned for that!