September/October Goals Review

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

September/October Goals

  •  Continue to work with Twinkie
    • Success, I had some really good rides on Twinkie in September.  She's really coming along well.
  • Begin schooling First Level dressage with Bugsy
    • Success!  It's not a whole lot yet, but Bonnie had us start working on some of the laterals and the extended trot.  We're getting there!
  • Work on my own fitness
    • Well I signed up for the fall Walking Campaign through Pitt.  So I guess that's a start at least.
  • Start the "babies" under saddle
    • Titus was started under saddle again.  So that's one down...

November/December Goals

  • Continue First Level work with Bugsy
  • Start jumping again
  • Continue to work with the "babies"
  • Build up my own fitness
  • Ride Naughtie, Airy and X
  • Find a way to balance my time with D and the barn