In need of my pony fix

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Every winter I struggle with finding the motivation to ride.  It's cold and the weather just sucks.  The ponies all have way too much energy from being cooped up in their stalls.  And I find a lot of times I just don't want to ride.  This winter especially has been made even more difficult by the fact that Derrick's days off have been falling over the weekend recently.  When we get so little time together as it is between our work schedules, I admit I have been sacrificing barn time to be with him.  This past weekend however I was going to the barn.  I would ride and spend time with the ponies.  And then Saturday morning I woke up to snow.  Enough snow that my little Versa wasn't getting out of the driveway.  Damn you PA winters!  Next week though I will make it to the barn. 

So no real riding update, but I couple of things I wanted to share with you.  First this photo was shared with me the other day.  A friend of mine had a half arab colt that she purchased as a baby.  She showed him in halter and ended up selling him when she purchased her new Arabian gelding for Western Pleasure.  KC is now with Gordon Potts of The Brass Ring in Texas and is ready for the show ring.  KC looks amazing, and if anyone is interested in a young western pleasure horse I recommend taking a look at him. 

KC with Nikki in 2009
KC looking all grown up!

And I need to ask for some jingles for a blog friend.  Ashley over at The Process of Learning has been eagerly awaiting her mare Ella's foal.  Well baby arrived yesterday, but she's a little premature.  So everyone please send jingles her way.

Ella and Baby


Story February 14, 2012 at 4:56 PM  

I go through these struggles every winter. I get really down about riding and wonder if it's the right thing and if my horse would be better off with someone else (pretty extreme since this horse means the world to me). Interestingly enough, my husband works also very odd hours, too. It really has an effect on how we spend our time and can make things doubly hard. It means we go long stretches where we are just not available when "normal" people are and it means not participating in a lot of things and that can wear on my horse life too. It seems more pronounced in the winter. Last week I only saw Dee once and that was dentist day. I haven't had time to fix her pasture braids in two weeks. I feel neglectful. I hate that feeling. But yet I know she gets amazing care at the barn so I'm not being neglectful at all. Still, it's rough. Winter feels like survival mode.

KC is gorgeous! He has all the features that make people want half arabians.

Sending the best to Ella and baby, she is a beautiful little filly.