The Not-So-Super Bowl

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Well, I just have to say I am proud to be a Pittsburgh native, and I will proudly proclaim my status as a Black N Gold Girl.  It was disappointing to fall short in the game Sunday, but I am so very proud of my boys for getting that far.  At the beginning of the season no one thought the Steelers would be a factor at all, let alone make it to the Super Bowl.  Well, no one outside the Steelers Nation that is.  We were without our starting quarterback for the first 4 games of the season, and many were expecting us to lose all 4 of those games.  But when Ben rejoined his team, it was to a 3-1 record.  We overcame a lot this season, bad games, injuries, bad calls and of course, Godell screwing our team.  We came from behind in the division championship at Heinz Field to beat the Baltimore Ravens.  And then we very narrowly beat the Jets for the AFC Championship.

Let's face it Green Bay out played us.  With a lot of help from our boys.  The Packers really were not able to do much with the ball on their own.  It was only off of the 3 turnovers that they were able to score.  And I really give Ben a lot of credit for manning up in his post game press conference and taking responsibility for that.  And the rest of the team did too.  It was a team effort.  Ben wasn't the only one who messed up.  But as the leader of the team, he was right to take the blame.  But really the big question, in my mind at least, where the hell was our defense?  I mean really.  They did a poor job of holding the Packers when they needed to.  Where was Troy?  Where was Harrision?  Come on guys you need to be on those players, not 20 yards away so they can run when they get the ball.

I'm still proud of you boys.  You made Pittsburgh proud and I am glad to say I am a member of the Steelers Nation!  Rest up, get healthy, and we'll be back next year.  We will bring home #7.

And now that the game has been discussed let's move on to the other important part of Super Bowl Sunday.  The commercials.

Overall I have to say I'm disappointed in the commercials this year.  There were a few good ones.  A couple of my favs would be the Volkswagon Darth Vader.  That little kid is just too darn cute!

Another good one was the Bridgestone Carma one.

And really I loved the Chrysler commercial with Eminem.  I <3 Eminem.  I have for a long time (Thank you Blair!)  I love the way it was all about how good things come from Detroit, not just crime and poverty.  And I love how unexpected it was to have Eminem in a Chrysler commercial, not exactly something I thought I would see.

I was kinda disappointed by the Budweiser commercial.  There was only one with the Clydesdales and they weren't really a big part of it.  It was kinda cute, but not up to their usual standards.

On the other end of the spectrum, the stupid and downright gross commercials.  By far the worst has to be the Doritos commercial.

The Pepsi Max commercial wasn't funny at all, in fact I thought it was kinda mean.

And just a couple final thoughts on the Super Bowl.  Next time, can we please get someone who will make the effort to learn the correct words to the national anthem.  There is no excuse for you to not know the words to the Star Spangled Banner.  And I do believe that wasn't the first time she screwed up the national anthem.  And the half time show.  I actually enjoyed it.  I thought the Black Eyed Peas did a good job, and it certainly was a nice change from the geriatric performances of the last two years.  And although I can't find a picture right now, Ben looks HOT after shaving of his beard after the game.