Our Hearts Reach Out

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Like many of us I spend a good part of my morning procrastinating by reading Eventing Nation.  Words cannot describe the heartache when I saw the news of the barn fire at True Prospect Farm.  A barn fire is one of those things I can't even think about.  To see the pictures of that barn ablaze and know that 6 horses did not make it out is just devastating.  My thoughts and prayers go out to Boyd and Silva, his team, the owners and everyone else connected with them.  4 horses are currently being treated at New Bolton; Neville Bardos, Otis Barbotiere, Catch A Star and Ambassador's Rose.  I'm sending healing thoughts their way.

While I am still grieving for the loss of those horses, I am amazed and inspired by the way the eventing community has rallied to show their support.  Within hours Denny Emerson announced he was donating 50% from the sale of his book to Boyd.  Ecogold has announced they are donating 6 pads, one in memory of each horse, 100% of the proceeds going to him.  Both Boyd and True Prospect Farm have ways to donate on their websites.  Check out Eventing Nation for more information on how to help.

In the mean time, go hug your horses.  Be grateful everyday you have with them.  Tonight, I know I for one will be fighting the urge to sleep in the barn.


The Ecogold saddle pads quickly sold out (one will be on it's way to me) but they have announced that 50% of all sales in June will be going to Boyd.  Visit their site: Boyd Martin Fund

You can purchase Denny's book through Amazon.com and like I said, he is donating 50% of the proceeds through December to Boyd.

The True Prospect Fire Recovery Fund has been set up to help everyone affected by the fire.

Boyd has set up a tax deductible donation fund through SCES.

Doug Payne is donating half of the proceeds from his Rider's Eye DVD.  The DVD can be purchased through his online store.

Five Star Tack is donating 10% of all sales in the month of June to the True Prospect Farm Fire Recovery Fund.

As for the horses being treated at New Bolton, Ambassador's Rose has been released.  Both Catch a Star and Otis Barbotiere are still there, but they are comfortable and doing well.  They have changed Neville's medication and he is much more comfortable.  Minataure Du Passoir, the fifth horse rescued from the barn, has been transported to New Bolton for observation but he is doing well.  In good news.  Remington was turned out for the night and so he was safely away from the fire.

To Boyd, Silva, Caitlin, Lillian, Ryan, Faye Woolf, Abbie Golden, Bonnie Stedt, Anne Hennessey, the Juvonen's and everyone at True Prospect Farm-We are here for you.  I can't even imagaine what you must be going through, but I hope it helps just a little to know how much you are all loved and supported by not only me, but the entire eventing community.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.

In Loving Memory

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