What's In My Tack Trunk: Leg Protection

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We're starting a new segment here on X-Tra Pony, reviews and recommendations of the products that I use.  I've had some requests asking what boots, or feed I use and I figured why not make it part of the blog.  And since my one horse owns enough gear to outfit the entire US equestrian team, it's a good way to take stock of what I do have.

So up first:  leg protection.  I have used a lot of different options for leg protection over the years.  Different boots, wraps and so forth.  So I've got a lot of options in my trunk.  But only a few that I really still use.  I have several pairs of the generic neoprene splint boots, you know the ones you can pick up from your local tack store for $20 or so.  

Adequate protection but when I started riding X and with the way he brushes behind, I wanted something with a little more protection for the fetlock.  In come the Sports Medicine Boots.
I really liked the SMBs for X, they offered him the protection he needed, and I liked the extra support for the fetlocks.  But I found out that X's brushing was actually wearing away at the boots.  So it was time to find something else.
Love, love, love these boots.  They are the Weatherbeeta molded galloping boots.  And at about $25 a pair, pretty inexpensive.  They hold up well to X's brushing and they are super easy to clean up, just turn the hose on them.  X gets the hind boots every ride.  And these are also my go to boots for cross country.  

Now for the front legs, I do like a little more support for X.  So he gets a set of Saratogas.
The Saratoga wraps provide a lot of support but are still lightweight and the horses seem to like them.  As with any wrap, you need to be very careful when using them.

The ponies also occasionally use bell boots.  Usually just for cross country or when trail riding.  I'm not picky about the bell boots.  I usually just pick up a cheap velcro pair from my local tack shop.  That way I'm not too upset if I lose one in the water. 

Then Kaye, well she's a special case.  She allergic to the neoprene in most boots so we had to find a fleecy option for her.  I found this pair of open fronts and they work well for her.
They were fairly inexpensive and seem to hold up well to the occasional beating.  Kaye will interfere a bit in front when she's not balanced, so with the kids all riding her boots are a must!
Whew!  And that's what's in my tack trunk!