Georgia on my Mind

Thursday, January 6, 2011

So Blair and I for years have been talking about taking a road trip.  During college we wanted to go somewhere for spring break.  Of course we never had the money or time off from working to do that.  The closest we ever managed to come to a road trip was the trip from New Orleans to Mobile, and at two hours I don't count that.  Well, we finally got our road trip! 

Several months ago Blair decided that with her cat and luggage and everything it would just be cheaper (and easier) to drive home for Christmas rather than fly.  And once that decision was made it didn't take long for us to come up with the idea of me joining her for the return trip.  I have the week between Christmas and New Year's off from Pitt, and I still haven't seen her new place in Georgia, so why not?  So plane fares were researched, and when I found a one way ticket from Atlanta to Pittsburgh for only $120 I jumped at it. 

So at 3:00 AM the Wednesday after Christmas we loaded us, the luggage and Dixie up in the Mustang and hit the road.  13 hours of driving lay ahead of us.  And actually the drive wasn't all that bad.  Turnpike to 79, take that down into West Virginia to pick up 19, then take 77 through Virgina and into North Carolina, bypass around Charlotte and then take 85 through South Carolina and down to Atlanta, sit in traffic around Atlanta and then finally 75 to Macon. 

We had a travelling companion for the trip, Blair's cat Dixie.  For the first few hours she curled up in my lap.  But after we made our first stop for breakfast in West Virginia she moved to the floor.  She pretty much stayed curled up at my feet for the rest of the drive.

For the first half of trip we saw a lot of snow and mountains.

And I really got excited when I saw the first sign for Charlotte.

Near Charlotte was this gorgeous lake community, Lake Norman.  Apparently a bunch of Nascar people live there.  I don't know, but it was a beautiful spot.  I think I could be quite comfortable living there.

I don't really get why there was a giant peach in South Carolina.  I mean peaches in Georgia I get.  Peaches in South Carolina, not so much.

Woot!  Macon!  We made it to Blair's apartment about 4:00.  Dragged the suitcases and Dixie upstairs and I got a quick tour of the apartment.  Then we made a quick run to the Publix that is literally a minute from her apartment for some necessities.  And then we just chilled.  Watched some TV, rocked out to Glee Karaoke on the Wii and eventually called it an early night.

Thursday morning I got a brief tour around Blair's apartment while we picked up breakfast and made a couple other quick shopping stops.  And then we met up with Blair's friend Aubrey, her hubby Chad and another friend Tyler to see Tron: Legacy in Imax 3D at the movie theater in the Mall of Georgia.  Good movie and it was really freaking awesome in the Imax 3D.

Friday we pretty much lazed around for the morning.  And then headed over Aubrey and Chad's for a New Year's Eve celebration.  Erin, who also works with Blair and Aubrey, joined us and we headed out to stock up on supplies for the night.  I was loving the weather, 70 hell yeah!  We BBQ'd hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner and then it was time to bring out the booze.  Aubrey had this awesome bartending book and so we had some fun experimenting with different shots.  Really it was a great night.  We spent some time out on the patio (and I was in a tank top, how great is that?)  And we played some Rock Band.  Well Chad played some Rock Band and Blair diva'd it up with him.  The rest of us just watched, and laughed.

I love Aubrey's dog, Lucky.  

Saturday we were very lazy.  Caught a bit of the Winter Classic, and kept ourselves updated on the unfolding Pitt coaching drama, and just watched TV.  A nice lazy day.  It was nice as I have not had that in a long time. I really needed some time just doing nothing to recharge the batteries so to speak.

Unfortunately on Sunday it was time to head home.  We left about 12:30 to drive up to the Atlanta Airport.  For as big and busy as Atlanta is I had a remarkably easy time getting through the airport.  Checked in with Delta very quickly using the Self-Service Kiosk and then breezed right through security.  Pittsburgh Airport needs to take notes.  I had a couple hours to kill yet before my flight left, but luckily the Steelers game was on at the gate so I was able to watch that and do a little reading on my new Kindle.  So the wait in the airport wasn't too bad, however my flight was less than pleasant.  I had a ten year old flying by himself sitting next to me who kicked and elbowed me the entire flight.  And then directly behind I had an Indian couple with a screaming baby.  Yeah it was not a fun flight.  And it was COLD when I got to Pittsburgh, I was missing the warm weather already.  So I'm all back in Pittsburgh, and relaxed from my mini vacation.