2011 Goals

Thursday, January 13, 2011

So I've been thinking over my goals for the past couple of days.  I really want to try and be realistic about my goals this year, yet at the same time push myself.  So without further ado...

2011 Goals

  • Continue to push my boundaries with my own confidence issues
  • Move up to Training level with Kaye
  • Work on dressage with Kaye.  Become solid at First Level, schooling Second Level
  • Rehab Miss-keep her in work for as long as she wants/is comfortable
  • Work with Titus at the walk and trot.  Get him ready for walk/trot dressage this summer.  
  • Work with Twinkie both on the flat and over fences.  Get her going solidly under saddle.

Jan/Feb Goals
  • Ride more!
  • Begin to develop a show schedule
  • Start to budget for said show schedule
As you can see I'm not really planning much for January and February.  The weather is so unpredictable right now, and even though we have an indoor arena, it's still not always possible to ride.  My car is not good in the snow, so I can't always get out to the barn.  Plus when it gets very cold, Bonnie doesn't like to open the barn to go out to the arena.  So I'll just leave it as ride more, regardless of it being a lesson or just walking Miss when the weather cooperates.