Goals Update

Monday, January 10, 2011

Well, not much going on at the pony front.  Between working so much and the weather, I honestly haven't even been out to see them all that much.  I had good intentions of getting out there Saturday, but the roads were terrible when I left work Friday night, and there was still a lot of snow on the ground in the morning.  I knew my little car would have trouble getting through the driveway at the barn.  So I stayed home.  And I'll admit, I appreciated getting the chance to sleep in.  

So since I don't have anything knew to report, I figured this would be a good time to review my year end goals.

November/December Goals
  • Focus on Dressage with Kaye
    • The few rides I did have on Kaye, were pretty much dressage rides.
  • Learn from our experiences at the Boyd Clinic
    • Well, the one jumping lesson I had we did try to incorporate some things from the clinic.  I haven't done this as much as I would like though.
  • Start jumping X again
    • Yeah, big old fail at this one.
  • Start riding Twinkie again
    • Another fail.
  • Light dressage work with Miss
    • Well, this is the only goal I can really count as a success.  Started walking Miss under saddle.  We've been doing a lot of dressage work at the walk to begin building up her muscle and top line.  We've been alternating walking on a loose rein with periods of contact.  Lots of laterals and circles to build her up.  She doing great with the walking and eager to move up to more work.
Not as much progress on my goals as I would have liked, but with the weather and heavy work schedule there wasn't much I could do.  Not to mention the fact that I haven't gotten a lesson in probably two months.  So moving on to my 2010 goals.

2010 Goals
  • Successfully compete at Beginner Novice with Naughtie
    • Unfortunately a big fat fail with this one.  But I wasn't really given a chance as Bonnie didn't want to put the time or money in her.
  • Work to overcome my own fears and confidence issues
    • This actually was a pretty big success.  I know I will struggle with this for my whole life probably, but I really feel that I made a lot of progress this year.  And jumping several training level questions at the Boyd Clinic in October really just proved that.
  • Get X out to a schooling show
    • Well I took X to the ICHA show at Canfield.  Didn't show him though.  Pretty much a fail.
  • Consistently be able to jump 3' courses
    • Success!  I showed Novice twice at South Farm combined tests with double clear stadium rounds in both.  Plus I was schooling training level prior to the Boyd Clinic.
  • Move up to Novice by the end of the year
    • Again success!  Kaye and I moved up to Novice at the second South Farm combined test.  And we won both on our dressage score.  Big success I'd say.
  • Become solid at First Level with Kaye
    • Well, we schooled some First Level dressage.  But not enough that I would say we were solid.  So I'm going to say progress on this, but not enough to cross it off yet.
  • Work with Twinkie both on the flat and over fences
    • Well, I did work with Twinkie some, both on the flat and over fences.  But I didn't work with her as much as I would like.  Again part of that wasn't really my fault, she really needs her feet done and that's out of my hands.  I'll say progress, but not crossing this off the list yet.
So I guess that means it's time to start thinking about my goals for 2011...