31DC: Day 21

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Well there are the two obvious nicknames Jen and Jenna.  For the longest time I went by Jen.  But then in high school my best friend was also named Jenn and so I started going by Jenna.  Much less confusing that way.  Then when I went away to college, one of my friends tried to start calling my Jenny.  Which I hate the name Jenny, too many bad associations with people from high school.  So then it turned into JennyPenny, which was cool.   Because Penny was the kick ass girl from Inspector Gadget.  Eventually that got shortened to JaiPai.  And now Blair a lot of times just calls me J.

Of course there are the other nicknames that are not derivatives of my name.  XtraPony is one of them, thanks to this blog.  I had a co-worker once who called me Princess.  Perfectly fitting of course!  After all that's what I am.    And then there are the embarrassing nicknames from my childhood.   At one point I told everyone who would listen that my name was Garfield.  Hey I was like 5 at the time what can I say?