31DC: Day 30

Thursday, December 30, 2010

3 Wishes

Just 3 wishes?  Can't I have 5 or 10?  No, alright I guess I'll stick to 3 then.

I wish for a new job.  One where I enjoy what I do, I have co-workers who appreciate what I do and don't stab me in the back.  One where I get paid an appropriate amount for what I do, where I can make enough money to support myself and my pony comfortably without having to work a second job.  Mainly I just want a job where I don't make myself sick everyday I go into the office.

I wish to meet someone.  I'm almost *gasp* *shudder* 29 *eek!*  And I'm ready to settle down and meet someone.  I want to have someone to share my life with.  Someone to come home and complain about my day to.  Someone to listen to as he complains about his day.  I want to have someone that takes care of me.  I want someone to share my love for my pony with.  I just want someone to be there for me, no matter what.  I want to have a family.

I wish I had more confidence.  I wish I had the confidence to achieve my potential when riding.  I wish I had the confidence to go out and get what I want in life.  I wish I had more confidence to take chances with my life instead of doing what's safe.

And I know this was probably meant to be an uplifting post.  Oh what do you wish for, kind of thing.  Really though it's kinda depressing for me.  All these things I wish I could have and yet it probably won't happen for me.  Ok, time to go eat ice cream.