31DC: Day 23

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Favorite City

What can I say I'm a hometown girl.  I love Pittsburgh.  And actually, where I'm at right now it pretty perfect.  I far enough outside of the city that I don't have the expense of living in town.  But yet I'm still very close.  So I can still take advantage of all the great things Pittsburgh has to offer.  Such as the Pittsburgh Symphony, the Broadway Series, and other shows.  All the great restaurants and shopping downtown.  And how can you not love a town that's home to



And let's not forget some of the great food Pittsburgh has to offer.  Like


Seriously though, some of my best memories are of Pittsburgh.  I can still remember going to the Children's Symphonies with Aunt Sandy and Uncle Ralph when I was a kid.  Then afterwards we would do some shopping in downtown at Kaufmann's and Horne's.  I remember sitting in the shoe department and Uncle Ralph showing me how to use his camera while Aunt Sandy tried on shoes.  And since then my love of the theater has not diminished.  And I still cherish every opportunity I have to see a show.  I really love going to the Benedum Center or Heinz Hall with Aunt Sandy and Uncle Ralph.  It's still just as magical an experience as when I was a kid.  And living so close to a city like Pittsburgh, I'm able to enjoy that fairly often.