31DC: Day 9

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Favorite TV Shows

Well there's going to be quite a list for this one and I'm sure you'll notice a trend.  I'll start with JAG and NCIS since the later is a spin off of the former.  My mom and I started watching JAG together back in it's second season.  And I just loved the show.  The courtroom drama was do good.  And the military setting made it stand out from all the other Law and Order type shows.  The characters were engaging and the casting of David James Elliot didn't hurt either.  Watching him every week in his summer whites wasn't a hardship.  Even better when he was in the flight suit or dress whites.  Yummy!  NCIS was a spin off from the eighth season of JAG.  While JAG focused on the courtroom aspect, NCIS was the agency that investigated the crimes.  The main characters were all members of the Major Cases Response Team (MCRT) at the Washington, DC office.  There's a lot more banter and humor than you would see on JAG.  And a lot of the forensic aspect of crime scene investigation.

Continuing with the crime drama; Bones.  I started watching Bones after I picked up the first season on DVD for $15.  I figured for that price I would check it out.  Loved it.  I've always liked David Boreanez since he was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  And man is he even better in Bones.  He plays Special Agent Seeley Booth of the FBI who is partnered with Temperence Brennen of the Jeffersonian Institution.  Temperence, or Bones as Booth likes to call her, is the leading forensic anthropologist in the country and the two of them work to solve cases with little evidence other than what the bones tell them.  I love the interactions between the characters, Bones is very much involved in her work and not too up to date on pop culture and things like that.  During the first and second season it was very common to hear her say "I don't understand what that means."  She is very logical and empirical, science is the key to everything, emotions have no place in her life. Booth is the complete opposite, he often follows his gut while solving cases and has tried to teach Bones to listen to her heart.

The original CSI is what really sparked my interested in the forensic investigations.  Although I had already been watching JAG, they never got much into that aspect of things.  CSI was the first for me.  It was so interesting to see the science behind the investigation.  How they could learn so much just from a single fiber or drop of blood left at a crime scene.  The characters were a good mix as well.  But after several seasons I did begin to lose interest in the show, they focused too much on just the science without delving much into character background and interactions.  And as much as I did enjoy the science, I'm ultimately a people person, and I want that character driven story.  I'll be honest, when they finally did start looking into the characters more, I didn't really care for the direction it went, and that sort of ruined the show for me.  I have though in recent months started watching again.

Glee is my feel good show.  When I heard there was going to be a comedy about a glee club with lots of broadway singing, well of course I had to watch!  The actors that were cast are perfect, so very talented.  And the songs are great!  The Rachel/Kurt duet of Defying Gravity from the first season was amazing.  And the guest stars, Kristen Chenoweth and Idina Menzel!  Swoon!  How very jealous I am of Lea Michele to get to sing with both of those amazingly talented women!  They second season has been somewhat disappointing, not really living up to the first.  But I have hope for it yet.

Some of my favorites unfortunately are no longer on the air.  The West Wing will always be one of my all time favorite TV shows.  It follows the two term presidency of Josiah Bartlet, liberal democrat from New Hampshire.  Jed Bartlet is the man I want to actually be president of this country.