31DC: Day 28

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Pets

Show Name:  X-Tra
Barn Name:  X, Bup, Dirtball, PigPen
Age: 1995
Breed:  TB
Color:  Bay with an interrupted stripe
Height:  15.3

Yeah, my Bup is nothing new on here.  So not too much else to say that you haven't heard already.

Show Name:  Special K
Barn Name:  Kaye
Age:  1990
Breed:  TB
Color:  Bay with a star
Height:  16.1

Again you pretty much know all there is to know about Kaye

Show Name:  Valley Miss
Barn Name:  Miss, Miss Moose, Moose Mare, Miss Moosella
Age: 1988
Breed:  TB
Color:  Bay with a blaze
Height:  16.2

Name: Squalor
Nick Name:  Squalie, Squalie-Cat, Squal-Squal
Age: 2003
Breed:  Domestic Short Hair
Color:  Black with an itty, bitty white spot on his belly

Squalie is a former barn cat who came home with me Thanksgiving of 2008.  He had been living at the barn to several years but he was low kitty on the totem pole.  The other cats would pick on him and he didn't really know how to stand up for himself.  He wasn't very happy as a barn cat.  So I decided to bring him home with me.  Since he has moved into my apartment he has become a difference cat.  He's much more energetic, he actually gets to eat  instead of being pushed out of his food.  He's such a cuddly little cat now.  When it's time for bed, he will just climb up on my chest and go to sleep.

Name:  Chloe
Age: 2000 (ish)
Breed:  Beagle/Collie mix

Chloe is our lovable barn dog.  Bonnie's daughter brought her home from Rogers Flea Market.  And for the first few years Bonnie was trying to pay people to take Chloe.  She was so bad!  You would call her and she would run in the opposite direction.  It wasn't until she got left behind for an event that Chloe started behaving better.  Now everyone fights over Chloe.